With a passion to be innovative and loving to take challenges from a very early age, I knew for sure that, I'm never gonna settle for following anything uncreative and would love to be an Engineer. After the Sumatran tsunami in 2004, the concern about the effects of climate change hit me hard, and I started to lean my knowledge and passion more toward sustainable development. As I enrolled myself in the Bachelor of Engineering program at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) under Civil and Environmental Engineering, my passion and thoughts regarding the environment and climate action got more space and scope. During my graduation, my thoughts and plans to work for climate change were fueled enough with new technological knowledge and understanding. After graduation, I started my job life as a structural engineer in an architectural firm. After a few years, I enrolled myself in a part-time master's program in Water Resource Development at Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (BUET) while I was working as a Program Assistant under A2i (Aspire to Innovate), under the ICT Division and the Cabinet Division supported by UNDP. During my master's program, I got highly motivated to work on Water & Gender issues and also realized how important is integrated efforts to mitigate the climate change impacts. By profession, I'm currently working as an Environmental Engineer at Isabela Foundation, Dhaka. Before that, I worked as a Research Assistant (Hydrology) in the same institution for 3 years and got promoted to the current position in January 2022. In this period of time, my responsibilities include but are not limited to Managing project works, team management, field visits, communication with clients and stakeholder engagement, continuous integration, report writing, & assisting the team to achieve required deliverables. My works are mostly linked with different government organizations such as CEGIS, IWM, and DoE, as well as many other national and international NGOs. In the future, I would like to work on projects focused on the conservation and management of the environment, mitigating the climate change impacts, and improving the lives of the people aggressively affected by climatic disasters, especially women and children, with more functionality & community engagement, & capacity building in an integrated manner. Moreover, I also hold the position of editor of an online news portal about women called Jagoroniya, and I'm passionate about learning new languages and knowing new people and new places.

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